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Halloween this year
tweens to flabby old fanboys
Hit Girls everywhere

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“You are Number Five, James”

April 2, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve been watching this British TV show. It’s set on an island, which is mostly referred to as “The Island,” and it’s pretty clearly an analogue for England (but an England of the past). It’s very surreal in look and tone, and honestly kind of creeps me out.

The island is populated by strange characters. There’s a hierarchy at work; the evident authorities on the island direct the actions of the sympathetic characters. While the authority figures have names (although they seem more like titles or codenames), the rank and file characters each have a number. Furthermore, these characters don’t seem to be able to leave the island, but instead, must carry out tasks assigned to them by the mysterious rulers of the island, according to some unclear agenda. Occasionally, one of the numbered characters will misbehave and the authority figure will attempt to bring him back into the island’s social order: “Sir Topham Hatt is quite cross with you, Thomas.”

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He’s an intense little fuck, isn’t he?

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The biggest wang-extension project in history.

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