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Daddy’s Little Grrrrrrl

Value: High | Intensity: Uneven

When my daughters were little, they joined the Brownies.  My wife became the Brownie leader.  While she loved working with the kids, the thing she hated was the paperwork.  Yes, that’s right, the Brownies – indeed, the whole Girl Scout movement – is built on a solid foundation of paperwork!  If you want to take the troop to get ice cream: paperwork.  Allergy forms…  Permission slips…  If you want to do a craft project: paperwork.  Safety training for hot glue guns, and medical emergency releases.  And that doesn’t even touch on the training and background investigations.

Meanwhile, at their same age, I became the Y-Indian Princess tribe leader.  This was a YMCA-sponsored father-daughter organization, similar in concept to Girl Scouts, but worlds apart in execution.  On a typical Indian Princess get-together, we taught the girls how to play poker and blackjack, and how to successfully gamble for prizes.  At our summer campout, we brought out the .22 caliber rifles, and taught the girls how to shoot.  That’s right – while the Brownies required permission slips for ice cream and glue guns, we were taking 5-year-olds out to fire live ammunition for the first time.

But what happens if your 5-year-old finds herself in a difficult situation, and hasn’t had the foresight to be armed with a weapon?  I mean, 5-year-olds don’t think of everything!  So I also enrolled my daughter up for karate lessons.  Another very fun daddy-daughter bonding experience that I recommend highly.

Why am I telling you these random child-rearing tales?  Well, I went to see Kick-Ass tonight.  First off, if you haven’t seen the movie: see it!  Unless you have an aversion to graphic violence, and exploding bodies.  Then see it with your eyes closed.

The second thing I was thinking was:  Where do I get a daughter like that?  I took my kid shooting.  I had her in martial arts training.  Where did I go wrong?  Should I have adopted one of those ultra-violent Russian babies?

So obviously the “real-life” superhero part of this drama is a façade.  But the movie still rocks.  And it really is not what you’re expecting.  No spoilers here.  Just see the movie.  But not with your daughter.  What, are you kidding?  It’s WAY too violent!

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